Legal Project Associate™


The Legal Project Associate™ certification, issued by the International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM), recognises a person with introductory knowledge about Legal Project Management and has the ability to either support legal matters or work in the legal matter project team (i.e., a legal project team member – not the legal project manager).

To apply for the LPA certification, an applicant is required to have completed the 2-day IILPM approved training course delivered by an IILPM Accredited Training Provider or the equivalent Applied Legal Project Management e-Learning course. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Avuka Training and Consulting is the only Accredited Training Provider and offers both, the instructor-led and e-Learning option.

The LPA certification is a pathway for those starting in the legal profession or new to legal project management. The LPA certification is not a prerequisite for the LPP, and the candidate can therefore continue their training at a later stage to gain the LPP certification, once they have met the LPP workplace prerequisites.

Once you have "booked" the certification, we will forward the application form for completion of the process.  

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