Legal Agile Project Management (1 day) (Cape Town, ZA)


Many lawyers are busy with the idea of incorporating traditional project management within legal matters but struggle due to the amount of up-front planning. However, with the knowledge and experience of traditional legal project management, its advantages and challenges, Agile project management practices offer an additional alternative to easier breaking down the matters and enabling rapid delivery of value to the client. 

This hands-on and highly interactive training in workshop-style will not only equip you with the theory of Agile project management in relation to legal matter management but also familiarise you with numerous practical tools and techniques to immediately apply it in your day-to-day operations.

Duration: 1 day

Scope: Theory of Agile project management and many practical exercises and group discussions

Education prerequisites: The participant should have solid experience leading legal matters and ideally be knowledgeable in traditional Legal Project Management practices and principles. 


Your road to become a Legal Project Practitioner

The instructor-led Legal Agile Project Management training reflects the content of the third day of the 3-day Advanced Legal Project Management training. Both, the 2-day Applied Legal Project Management in conjunction with the Legal Agile Project Management training or the 3-day Advanced Legal Project Management training, lead to the internationally-recognised Legal Project Practitioner™ (LPP) certification.




Agenda Item

9h00 – 9h15

Welcome and introduction (expectations)

9h15 – 9h30

Team Alliance and Workshop Agreement

9h30 9h45

Recap – what is Agile vs. Waterfall Project Management

9h45 – 10h30

Overview of Agile methodologies - commonalities and differences, best use cases

10h30 – 10h45

Coffee break

10h45 – 12h00

Agile Project Management – components in detail

12h00 – 13h00


13h00 – 15h45

Case Study: Creating a new Legal Service (incl. one tea break)

15h45 – 16h15

Recap - tools and techniques applied

16h15 – 16h30

Wrap-up – lessons learned and outlook

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