Legal Project Practitioner™


The Legal Project Practitioner™ certification, issued by the International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM), recognises a person with practitioner knowledge about Legal Project Management and has the ability to lead legal matters as a legal project manager. This is the premier global certification for a legal project manager.

To apply for the LPP certification, an applicant is required to either have completed at least a 3-day (21 hours) IILPM-accredited ‘Advanced Legal Project Management’ course delivered by an Accredited Training Provider, such as Avuka, or the online ‘Advanced Legal Project Management’ course, and must be one or more of the following:

  • a qualified lawyer (with or without a practice certificate);
  • completion of an IILPM ATP-delivered university program;
  • working in a law firm for at least one year;
  • working with internal Legal Counsel for at least one year; and/or
  • working with law firms in the capacity of an adviser, consultant or trainer for at least one year.
Once you have "booked" the LPP certification, we will forward the application form for completion of the process.

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